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What I’m seeing at the moment is a lot of opportunities in China for international businesses with high-quality goods. 

That’s not necessarily to say the high-end famous brands, rather just any imported goods that have quality attached. Particularly in the food and beverage industry or usable goods. 

There is this growing middle class, no matter how much people over-talk it, which is willing to pay for quality. That’s exciting. 

Also, looking at the different stages that different parts of China are at in terms of development is important. 

There are niche businesses in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or Shenzhen, which will not work in other cities. 

You can have niche micro-breweries or single-gear bicycle sellers that are making really good profits in Beijing, but if you try that in a second tier city now - no way. 

Maybe in a few years, then there will suddenly be this demand.

Edward Holroyd Pearce is Co-Founder of CRCC Asia

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